Young Asian woman seated, thinking, in empty bleachers or stadium
“Thinking is better.” Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

When I taught writing workshops in my former life, I often began with the quote from Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. “Writing is good. Thinking is better. Cleverness is good. Patience is better.”

Thanks to my readers for patience since my last post. It’s been a tumultuous time. Highlights: I recently met…

Photo by Rahadiansyah, Unsplash

Thank you, followers and friends, for patience. If you’re chronically ill, interruptions can derail your routine, even your life. Or the interruption itself becomes a change, much to your surprise. I tried to achieve a new “normal” after the mothball episode and anniversary “processing.” With Lyme disease, Epstein Barr, and…

Crystal ball with green, blue, red, and orange rays of light spiraling around it. Black background.
Image, Pond 5. Not even a crystal ball can let you know what an anniversary will bring.

Viral Voyage: The Anniversary Awakens

Here’s my pre 9/11 post. It’s about anniversaries that need a different name. Has one of these anniversaries happened to you?

What do you call an anniversary you don’t want to celebrate? Memo-versary? Recall-athon? Most definitions in American English refer to an anniversary as a…

A photo of white clouds in the shape of wings in a dark blue sky. The face and praying hands of a woman have been added with thin lines.
Photo by Ysabel de la Rosa

I was raised by parents with graduate degrees in theology, whose understanding of Christianity embraced intellect, heart, and soul. Their Christian practice also embraced the world and other religions, not as substitute faiths, but as worthy of study, with acceptance toward others of different faiths. The bookshelves in our home…

Image of bare branches from trees in winter. The image has two parts. Each one mirrors the other. The branches grow outward and divide so that the remind you of the bronchial tubes and smaller tubes inside the lungs.
Photo Graphic by Ysabel de la Rosa

The woman looked to be 5 feet 3 inches tall. Olive skin covered her bones. There was scant flesh on her frame. Her short, wiry grey hair might have been a cheap wig. Her bangs hid her eyebrows. Her blue eyes were dull, set close together and far back in…

Ysabel de la Rosa

Poet, nonfiction writer, designer, translator, editor. Culture vulture. Survivor of medical mysteries. Dedicated to the arts of healing and understanding.

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