Photo by Rahadiansyah, Unsplash

Crystal ball with green, blue, red, and orange rays of light spiraling around it. Black background.
Image, Pond 5. Not even a crystal ball can let you know what an anniversary will bring.

A photo of white clouds in the shape of wings in a dark blue sky. The face and praying hands of a woman have been added with thin lines.
Photo by Ysabel de la Rosa

Image of bare branches from trees in winter. The image has two parts. Each one mirrors the other. The branches grow outward and divide so that the remind you of the bronchial tubes and smaller tubes inside the lungs.
Photo Graphic by Ysabel de la Rosa

Ysabel de la Rosa

Poet, nonfiction writer, designer, translator, editor. Culture vulture. Survivor of medical mysteries. Dedicated to the arts of healing and understanding.

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