• Brooke Kochel RN

    Brooke Kochel RN

    Mama, Midwife, Shamanista: Just a gypsy soul learning to grow roots. Featured & Tweeted by Medium. Words in Better Humans, An Injustice & The Pink.

  • Wally Roxanne

    Wally Roxanne

  • Kay Preston

    Kay Preston

  • Troy Sims

    Troy Sims

  • Gayle Leslie

    Gayle Leslie

    Author of “Dwelling in the Vast Divine.1 & .2" Political consultant, policy wonk. https://www.amazon.com/Dwelling-Vast-Divine-1-Serialized-Memoir/dp/1495477746

  • Sarinka Holubova

    Sarinka Holubova

  • Amanda O'Shaughnessy

    Amanda O'Shaughnessy

    Communications Manager and Writer based in London. Tackling womanhood, empowerment and mental health with a background in beauty and wellness.

  • Rebecca Yoder

    Rebecca Yoder

    Middle aged, fat, white, mom, searching for a tribe and a purpose.

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